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Exterior Solutions | Gutters

Do your gutters got you feeling gloomy?  Fear no more Jersey West Roofing is here!  We are your go to gutter contractors prepared to handle even the worst of gutter repairs. Not only are we roof specialists, but we also take the same pride in our gutter and drain services.  We are here to provide the very best to our Jersey West customers.

Your gutters and drains are so important to the protection of your home.  Their main job is to ensure water is properly draining from your home to avoid any potential damages.  This is why you should look to hire Jersey West Roofing for your next gutter service.  

Now may be a good time for gutter replacement at your home or business. When seasons change, leaves and winds bringing in debris cause your gutters to get clogged up, not allowing them to flow the way they should.  You may need a new gutter, or you may just need a solid gutter cleaning.  Jersey West Roofing can come to your property and inspect your gutters and drains to ensure you are in good hands when it comes to rain. Jersey West Roofing can take care of all of your needs and will provide you a report of what is suggested to be done in your particular case.

Our specialist are well trained and can provide gutter service, gutter installation and drain protection that will make sure your drains and gutters stay free and clear of leaves and debris.  A gutter guard is a good tool to have installed, as it will give you peace of mind.  Keeping your gutters and drains flowing is what the goal is and we are here to provide. Get your gutter inspection done today!

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Exterior Solutions | Siding

Thinking about replacing your home’s siding or do you need exterior siding repair?  Well, you stopped at the right place! When choosing the right professional to get the job done precisely and correctly. Jersey West Roofing are your residential siding contractors ready to take on the job.

Jersey West Roofing are not only your local roofing professionals but we have trained and certified contractors that can service your home or business sidings and exterior.  We provide all different types of vinyl siding installation to please your exterior preference. We can guide you through the process and help you evaluate the situation to decide what’s the best solution.

Jersey West Roofing can come for siding repair, or to completely change the look and style of your exterior siding.  We offer many colors in vinyl siding, traditional wood siding, fiber cement, or stone-brick exterior.  We also provide systems that can help reduce the costs of energy in your home or business with our state of the art insulation and radiant barrier packages. There is something to choose from for everyone, and our professionals at Jersey West Roofing will help you select the one that is right for you and your property.

When you decide to replace your siding and exteriors, we will help you consider the best style and materials that best suits your property’s style, as well as your budget.  Jersey West Roofing works with you and offers solutions for all types of budgets.

We all know that siding and exterior completely transforms the look of your home or business, so if you are looking for the best vinyl siding contractor near me, we are them!  Let us help you bring out the beauty in your property or help you repair that troublesome area in your exterior that has been quite the eye sore.  A free estimate is just a click away!

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Exterior Solutions | Pointing

So you want to know why pointing and waterproofing are important for you and your property.  These processes are important in keeping the weather elements out of your home or business while keeping your property looking refreshed.  

Jersey West Roofing can help you diagnose and repair or maintain your home, business, commercial building or church’s exterior wall systems. We are professionals and experts in the craft of pointing and waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing helps to keep all of the elements out of your property, preventing leaks and damages.  When you waterproof exterior walls, you are adding protection to your homes or business walls.  You are not just keeping water and rain out, but wind, dirt, insects and cold or hot unwelcomed air. Prevention is also a good way to save costs on heating or cooling, because your exterior is blocking unwanted air from coming in.

If your exterior is brick, there are many options to help restore that beautiful brick look.  Tuck or brick pointing helps to restore your home or building’s visual and physical appearance. Jersey West Roofing contractors are trained and certified to exquisitely bring brick interiors back to life with brick or tuck pointing.  

The process is done by removing deteriorating mortar from the joints of the walls, and replacing it with new and fresh mortar.  This process helps to seal the joints that are exposed and therefore keeping the elements out.  Pointing and waterproofing not only keeps water out, but also can prevent further cracking in the exterior or much larger repair jobs from being needed.

If you are looking to keep your exterior protected and waterproofed as well as bringing it back to life with a fresh new look, contact Jersey West Roofing for a free inspection of your home or building.  We can get everything in tact, just give us a call to get started.

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Exterior Solutions | Skylights

Skylights and hatches are a beautiful compliment to your home.  Not only do they provide extra lighting for darker areas, but they can also serve as ventilation all while adding visually pleasing architecture to your property. Jersey West Roofing Company also has contractors that are trained, certified and specialize in skylight construction or skylight repair.

There is just something different about natural light verse lighting with electricity.  We at Jersey West Roofing Company know that natural light gives a whole different feel to your home while brightening up dark rooms. Our professionals can install skylights and hatches that will change the whole way your home feels and present a different vibe to your living space.  

Not only does it give it a bright look, but it also provides natural solar heating to your home while the sun is out.  This will also provide savings on energy costs for electric and heating. Ventilated skylights and hatches provide natural air flow, which is safer because you are getting fresh air verse ventilated air and better overall ventilation in your home or business.

Skylights are a beautiful accent that will add value to your home when ready for resale.  They are a wonderful addition to any roof whether flat, shingle or slate.  They can bring a bit of elegance to the home or business, all while providing additional benefits.  There are many different styles and designs to choose from, and our experts at Jersey West Roofing are here to help you choose what is right for your place.

Jersey West Roofing can also provide skylight replacement if you are in need.  Our experts can create skylights and hatches or replace your existing ones with no problem, getting them right back to new with top of the line skylight repair. We are your local skylight company ready to provide you only the best in service.

If you are in need of skylight construction, give us a call today for your free estimate and an expert can come and provide you all of your options.

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Exterior Solutions | Windows

Windows and Doors are such an important component to our property.   They provide protection, but they also contain exterior exposure.  

Windows and doors seal the outside elements from getting into your home or business, which is why it is a good idea to have them checked regularly for potential savings and to prevent future damage to your property. Jersey West Roofing Company have professional contractors that can handle your window replacement or door replacement with ease. We also offer maintenance plans that can give you peace of mind, we take care of the maintenance so you do not have to worry about it.

Jersey West Roofing partners with the top manufacturers in the windows and doors field.  They are able to provide a full array of choices in window replacement and doors, giving you so many options in state of the art glass and materials.  Depending on what you are looking to achieve, we provide glass options that keep your home or business cool and comfortable by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the windows in the warmer seasons.  All the while, during the Winter, it helps keep your property warm by reflecting heat back into your home.  New Jersey gets all seasons in a year, so this is a great option for energy saving seekers. Truly state of the art. 

Windows and doors can also totally transform the look of your home or business, giving it a fresh “new” look.  A statement door can change your property’s look completely and give it the extra oomph you are looking for. There are different styles and even colors to choose from, depending on your preference. 

At Jersey West Roofing we offer fully trained contractors proving solid installation or repair of your doors and windows.  We can come and do an inspection or your windows and doors, to ensure everything is in tact.  You are in good hands with Jersey West Roofing professionals, your door installation and replacement windows experts!

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Exterior Solutions | Masonry

Masonry or Stucco can add a certain form of elegance to your home or property.  Much of this type of work requires skilled contractors that are well versed in the types of materials and installation of them.  Jersey West Roofing are your local masonry contractors, with years of experience in masonry and stucco.  You will want to go with the best experienced professionals with this type of work, if you want long lasting durability and curb appeal that is neat and appealing.

Stucco is a very popular and attractive type of exterior, but it requires skill and detail.  Jersey West Roofing professionals work intricately and diligently to provide you the most stunning stucco to your property. Stucco is usually applied in three coats, for extra protection, and can last years on end.  There are different varieties in the finish of your stucco that suit everyone’s style- smooth, textured, or sand finished.  With protection and style, you cannot go wrong with a stucco finish.

Masonry is almost like construction artwork.  A skilled professional can change your entire look of your property with fine detail and elegant materials giving you envious curb appeal that will last for years.  Jersey West Roofing provide masonry contractors or brick repair on walkways, steps, as well as the property walls, exteriors and retaining walls. We work with only the top manufacturers to provide you the best quality in materials, to go with the best quality in workmanship.

If you are interested in revitalizing your property or getting your existing masonry or stucco repaired, you came to the right place!  Jersey West Roofing Company take pride in our crafts and our contractors are certified and trained to provide you exquisite finishes to your projects.  We can come out to analyze your property, see what type of projects you want, quote you to fit your budget, then bring them to life!  For the best local masonry contractors near me, contact Jersey West Roofing.

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