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Packages & Plans | Preventive Maintenance

We have enough going on in our daily lives to have to worry and keep track of our roofs, on top of everything else.  That is where Jersey West Roofing Company steps into play. Leave the stress and worry to us by selecting one of our preventative maintenance plans. 

A roof replacement or a roof leak can catch you off guard when you are not financially ready to do that.  By having a preventative maintenance plan on your roof, you can avoid all of that worry and financial burden.  Jersey West Roofing Company are your local roofing company here to help you with common and regulatory maintenance on your roof.

With a preventative maintenance plan, you will get a roof repair specialist to come to your home regularly and make sure that everything is in tact with your roof, and take care of any mishaps.  Maintenance procedures make early signs of issues more manageable by avoiding them from becoming major issues.  It is best to have a preventative plan in place to avoid big price tag repairs.

Jersey West Roofing Company will make sure that your roof stays in good shape all year long with one of our preventative maintenance plans.  We can set up your plan quarterly, semi- annually, or annually for your convenience.  Once your roof is done, the best way you can take care of your roof is through a roof maintenance plan.  Usually, every 6-8 months you should be visually inspecting your roof for any signs of trouble, such as lifted shingles as an example.  With a Jersey West maintenance plan, we inspect everything from top to bottom and address any issues that may arise.

Inquire about our special packages today to learn more about what we inspect in our comprehensive visits under a roof maintenance plans.  You will feel secure and worry free with one of our plans.   Leave the inspecting and repairs to us, and keep a peace of mind. Contact us for more information.

Packages & Plans | Snow Removal

Whether we like it or not, Winter approaches New Jersey every year.  While watching the snowfall can be beautiful, the aftermath is not so fun. Snow build up on your roof can be damaging and a liability to your property.  As we prepare to head into the Winter months, keep Jersey West Roofing Company in mind, we professionally take care of roof snow removal.

When snow is built up on your roof, eventually it will melt, leading it to create an overload of water on your roof and gutters.  This can potentially create other damages to your roof or gutters.  Removing the snow right away is a good way to avoid possible leaks in your roof and overflow in your gutters.  Jersey West Roofing encourages you to be proactive and hire a professional to safely remove the snow on your roof and gutters as soon as you can.  It is better to be safe than sorry. 

We all know that some winters in New Jersey can be harsh, and all the snowfall can turn to ice, causing not only liability issues on your property but also to you and your family. If ice happens to fall from your roof, it could by chance fall on a customer at your business or a pedestrian or guest at your home.  Stay ahead of the game by avoiding any liabilities to you and allow Jersey West Roofing (your local roofing experts) to remove your roof’s snow and keep a clear mind.

We may not really put much thought to these types of things happening with just snow, but it is something we should think about and have a plan in place with Jersey West Roofing Company.  As property owners, it is always important to try to avoid damage to our property and liability within our property as much as possible.  We will come and take care of that snow hassle, while you relax with a peace of mind. Keep us in mind when it is time!